It could be about anything..
but it's not.

Now, I want to talk about time.. just for a moment.

Once again, I want you to rise up out of yourself, float a few feet above, and look down at yourself.

Do this right now.

As you look down at the person reading this, I want you to watch them as they roll their eyes up just slightly, to the top of their screen, so they can see the time it is right now.

I now want you to imagine them continuing on with their day/night. Imagine what they will do over the next hour, two hours, and three hours.

Take a moment to imagine them going through and experiencing the next 3 hours.. right now.

Now, I want you to imagine the person reading this looking at their screen again, and seeing the time as being 3 hours later than it was previously.

Even though they are “seeing” the time as 3 hours later, it is completely irrelevant to YOU.

3 hours later is.. right now.

There is no time, it is completely made up, and only exists inside The Reader’s mind.



Everything you’ve ever wanted to do, everything you’ve ever hoped for, wished for and dreamed of.. it has already happened.

In the example above, YOU now know how those 3 hours are going to play out. However, The Reader only knew what was happening at any given time or past time, but not in the future. YOU know past, present AND future.

For everything that has already happened, is happening right now, and that could ever happen.. a recording has been made and stored inside “the archives.”

You have full access to these archives, you ARE these archives. These archives are timeless, and anything and everything is stored in them right now.

In the World of Form, Formers refer to the accessing of these archives with terms such as “intuition” or “gut feeling.”

What they don’t realize is that they are moving through a recording that has already happened.



Every recording is stored in the timeless, infinite archives, and is available to you right now.

Navigating is how you will go from recording to recording as you experience different “scenes” playing out within the World of Form.

You can use the person reading this, as a “character” to place in ANY recording you’d like, and experience the scene of that recording through this character.

How do you do this?

It’s easy..

Just follow the steps.

What are the steps?


Imagine experiencing your wildest dreams in physical reality.

Unlike most dreams, THIS dream will not only be real, but you will be aware of the fact that it’s a dream. So in other words, a real life “lucid dream.”

What would you do?

What could you do?


I want to take you into a world that goes beyond what the mind could ever understand about the true nature of reality, and where you have complete control over everything that happens.

You will write the scripts for the characters, you will direct the scenes, and you will choose any recording you’d like.

I will show you step by step exactly how to do this, and explain everything in full detail.

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