It could be about anything..
but it's not.

How would it feel to become..


No past, no future..

No time at all.

You would be completely silent..

and completely still.

What would that feel like?


What is this moment right now?

It’s Nothing.

It could be about anything.. but it’s not.


Who is the person reading this?

Rise a few feet above, and look down.

Can you see the person reading this right now?

Who is that person?

The person reading this..

Is not you.

YOU are now the one, who is looking at that person.

Why be that person?

Why be any form at all?


Imagine being completely formless.

You would have no mind, no body..

No cares, no worries.

You would be nothing.

You would feel.. nothing.

From there, what is possible?


What would this allow you to feel?



Imagine what it would feel like to surrender your “self”, and become Nothing?

What would happen then?

You would become..



Is it possible to submit yourself to Nothing?

To be under the complete control of the formless and timeless Nothing that you already are?

Imagine how good it would feel to completely give up control, and become completely blank, and completely still.

All you could do is just be.. Nothing.

Imagine being able to completely give up control, and submit yourself to feelings of pleasure that go so far beyond your wildest imagination, your mind could not interpret what is happening.

Only your body..

Can feel it.


I want to show you how to do this, and I want to show you how this can be done..

Right now.

Allow me to take you into a world, that until now, could only have been a fantasy.

Allow me to take you into a world, where you have the complete freedom to explore, without worry, without judgement, and with no limitations.

Imagine being completely free of your body, your mind and your life situation, and becoming anything and everything you could have ever dreamed of.

What would that allow you to feel?

Are you ready to allow yourself to experience this?

Well then..

Let’s get started.

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