It could be about anything..
but it's not.

Introduction +

What is a fantasy?

It’s nothing.

It could be about anything..

But it’s not.

Fantasy isn’t what it’s actually about.

It’s the mind made story.

What it’s actually about is the feelings you get from the fantasy.

And so then..

What is the result of these feelings?


What is the difference between fantasy and reality?

A fantasy is reality.

It’s the original source.

It’s the truth.

What you see, experience and feel in physical reality is actually a limited and less accurate version of your fantasy.


Have you ever read a book, that was later turned into a movie?

Which was more detailed, descriptive, and encompassed the true nature of the story?

Was it the book, or the movie?

What could you write inside of a book?

What could you show on a film screen?

Which is infinite in possibilities? The book, or the movie?

Which is limited in possibilities? The book, or the movie?


Where do fantasies come from?

Who is the one creating the fantasies?

And then..

Who is the one “viewing” or “experiencing” them?

Where are these fantasies taking place?


Fantasies are like the book. Anything can happen. They are the original source. They are the truth.

Your “waking” life, or what you think of as reality, is like the movie. It’s the fantasy, except limited.

When a book becomes a movie, there are physical limitations, preventing the “full story” from being told.

There are limitations in time, physical objects like scenery and location, and physical limitations regarding what the “characters” in the movie are able to do.

A movie is limited to the “script” that the actors play out, while a book can describe every part of the story in great detail.


The “script” that plays out in your fantasy..

It plays out for a certain purpose, which is..

The feelings you get from it.

The “script” that plays out in your physical reality..

Plays out for a certain purpose..

To get things done, go about your day, make money, engage with friends, etc.

But what if you could get the feelings associated with the fantasy script..

And you can experience them while moving through your “reality” script..

What would that be like?


When you are alone, fantasizing, you can have anything you want. You can feel anything you want.

But when you are in the physical world, you tend to submit to the physical limitations that you are presented with. You simply accept the story you are told to play out, as if being a character in someone else's movie.

You experience the feelings associated with someone else’s script, rather than your own.

But what if you could take your fantasies, and experience them in the physical world?

What if you could feel anything you wanted, anytime you wanted?

What would you choose to feel?

Would you choose to be the one in control?

Or would you let someone else take over?


I want you to now imagine your favorite fantasy. Pick one that you really enjoy, that you find yourself coming back to again and again, and one that makes you feel really good.

Take a moment to do this now.

And when you’ve chosen your favorite fantasy..

I now want you to take a few moments, or a minute, or however long you need, to start thinking of that fantasy in your mind.

Start thinking of the fantasy now, and playing out some of the early “scenes” of the fantasy in your mind.

Do this now, and come back to this when you’ve gotten the fantasy started (anywhere from 10 - 60 seconds in).


As you continue playing out this fantasy in your mind..

I want you to notice how you feel right now..

And I want you to notice where in your body you are experiencing these feelings.

Zoom in on the one or two parts of your body, that are starting to feel really good right now.

I want you to notice the type of feeling that you’re experiencing.

Is it a warm feeling? A relaxed feeling? A tingling sensation?


As you focus on the one part of your body that’s feeling really good right now..

And as you notice the type of feeling you’re experiencing..

I want you to make that feeling even stronger.

Do this right now.

Make that feeling in the one part of your body even stronger.

Do it now.

Make it stronger.

Make it stronger now.


Notice how you are feeling right now.

Imagine how good it would feel to be able to experience this anytime you’d like, for as long as you’d like, and as intensely as you’d like.

What would that feel like?


Fantasies don’t need to have any limitations.

They are like the book, anything can happen in them.

Imagine being able to take any fantasy, and “make the movie” out of it.

In other words, experience the feelings of the fantasy as you move through your day to day life in physical reality.

How exciting would that make your life?


Every fantasy, passion and desire you have is already happening right now.

The book is already written, you just have to read it.

The movie has already been made, you just have to put the film roll in the projector, and let each scene play out.

Which book will you choose?

Which frames will you put in your film roll?

What could this be about?



Is all of this really possible?

Yes, it is.

How do you make this happen?

You don’t. It’s already been done. You just have to push “play.”

How do you do this?

I will show you.

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