It could be about anything..
but it's not.

What is the correlation between the fantasies you have when you are by yourself, and the experience you have when you are outside in the physical world?

Some people have interest in their dreams, and analyzing their dreams and what they could mean about their “real life.”

Are fantasies influenced by what is happening in your day to day life?

And / or ..

Are they influenced by how you feel about what is happening in your day to day life?

Regardless of the answer..

Could it work the other way around?


What if it were the opposite?

What if the fantasies you have when you are alone are what influences what happens to you in your “real” day to day life?

Do you think this is possible?

And if so..

How could this be possible?


Think about each fantasy as if it were a script.

What are all of the possibilities you can imagine?

They are endless.

You might have several fantasies that you go to..

One of which we explored in the previous section.

But is it possible that your “go to” fantasies have been and are currently limited to correspond with what happens throughout your day in the physical world?

And if so..



There are an infinite amount of scripts that you can choose to play out in your fantasies.

And remember, the scripts are arbitrary.

What this is actually about..

Is the feelings you get from the fantasy script.


I want you to open yourself up to an infinite amount of possibilities.

I want you to be willing to become the main character in “scenes” you might not have ever even considered or knew existed before.


Because each fantasy is used for the purpose of generating a different set of feelings.

Have you ever had different fantasies, and gotten different feelings from each?


The more possibilities you explore in your fantasies..

The more possibilities you will have for “scenes” to play out in your real life in the physical world.

I want to offer you some scripts that I have come up with..

And at some point, whenever your ready..

I would love to hear about of some of yours as well.

I then want you to take these feelings you get from these fantasies..

And show you how to “trigger” yourself to feel them any time you want, on your command.


I want to take you into a world where you have the complete freedom to explore..

Without worry..

Without judgement..

In a completely safe space..                                                         

With no limitations.


I want you to be able to choose any fantasy, any script, scene and characters..

And experience the feelings and the result of these feelings..

Anytime you’d like.

As often as you’d like.

For as long as you’d like.

And as intensely as you’d like.


What would all of this allow you to feel?

Can you feel it yet?

If not, it’s okay.

We’re just getting started.

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