It could be about anything..
but it's not.

Where do fantasies take place?

Inside your mind.

But what’s the point?

What does the actual fantasy have to do with anything?



The fantasy is NOT what this is really about.

This is all about the feelings you get from the fantasy.


I want you to once again think about your favorite fantasy.

I want you to imagine that fantasy taking place behind a closed door..

And you can open up that one door anytime you’d like..

And access that one favorite fantasy you have..

And get the feelings from that fantasy..

Anywhere and anytime you’d like.


Now, I want you to imagine..

That there are an infinite amount of doors.

Behind each door is a different place for you to explore.

Behind each door is a separate space containing a script, scenery, characters and a director..

All of which are there for the one purpose of playing out the fantasy of your choice.

How many different doors are there?

How many different fantasies are there?


I want you to expand your mind, and open yourself up to an infinite amount of possibilities.


Because each fantasy is used for the purpose of generating a different set of feelings.

Have you ever had different fantasies, and gotten different feelings and “results” from each?

Imagine what it would feel like to experience feelings that go beyond what your mind could ever have thought possible.

Imagine experiencing feelings so intense, that your mind would be incapable of interpreting what is happening in the moment.

Only your body..

Could feel it.


The more intense the fantasy..

The more intense the feelings.

Eventually, the feelings becoming so intense..

That you just need to release.

How far would you be wiling to expand your mind (or in some cases turn off your mind) in order to make that release even more intense?

Are you ready to make it as intense as possible?


Knowing you have access to all of these possibilities..

What would this allow you to feel?


And so then..

Who will be the main character in each scene?


I want to take you into a world where you have the complete freedom to explore..

Without worry..

Without judgement..

In a completely safe space..

With no limitations.


I want you to be able to choose any fantasy, any script, scene and characters..

And experience the feelings and the result of these feelings..

Anytime you’d like.

As often as you’d like.

For as long as you’d like.

And as intensely as you’d like.

What would that allow you to feel?

Can you feel it yet?

If not, it’s okay.

We’re just getting started.


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