It could be about anything..
but it's not.

Hi, I'm Casper Grey.

Before we begin, I have a question for you..

Can you see the person, who is reading this right now?

I want you to rise up out of your self, float a few feet above, and look down at your self.

Do this right now.

Can you see the person who is looking at their screen, reading these words right now?

Who is that person?

Because one thing I know for sure.. is that the person reading this.. is not you.

How could it be?

YOU are now the one, who is looking at that person.

And so then, who are you?


I want you to imagine for a moment, that these words are not as they appear on your screen.

Instead, imagine that you are now looking at a collection of atoms, composed of 99.9% empty space.

What if only your mind is creating each of these words right now?

Would you think that this is possible?


Have you ever been in bed, dreaming, and in the dream, you thought and felt as if you were the character in the dream? Whereas in reality, YOU were actually in bed sleeping?

Have you ever had a dream, where in the dream you were desperate for a drink of water, but every attempt you made to find a drink of water failed? You turned the faucet but no water came out. You ended up in the desert with no water. The store you were in ran out of water bottles. And then, you realized the impossibility of what was happening, only to “wake up” to find a full bottle of water sitting right beside you on the table next to your bed.

Who emptied the faucets, who created a situation that ended you up in the desert, and who detoured the truck that was supposed to deliver water bottles to the store?

It was The Dreamer.

But why? Why did The Dreamer do all of these “terrible” things to the character in the dream? Why did The Dreamer choose to make getting a drink of water so difficult? Why would you do that to your [dream] self?


Have you ever had an experience, where a place or situation looked so familiar to you, even though you’ve never been there before? Then you realize, you had a dream about this place or situation a while back. Haven’t you ever wondered how that’s possible?

Have you ever been thinking about something, and then later on in the day, or even a few moments later, you hear a conversation between people discussing the exact thing you were thinking about? What’s going on here?

What is the difference between what you see when you’re in bed dreaming, and what you see when you’re “awake” in the Physical World?

Where do events in a dream take place? Where do events in the Physical World take place?


When you’re in bed sleeping, your eyes are closed.

When you are having a dream, you “see” images, and events taking place.

Who created the images you see when you are in bed sleeping?

Where are the events in The Dream taking place?

Who provides the “scripts” for the “characters” in your dream?



The person reading this right now, lives in The World of Form.

When you are “awake” inside The World of Form, your mind is creating events and images in the EXACT same way as it does when you’re in bed sleeping and having a dream.

The only difference is that when you’re “awake” in The World of Form, your eyes are open, rather than closed. This means that the images and events that you create inside your mind are being influenced by specific arrangements of atoms.

Your eyes are taking in information from these arrangements, but these “Information Structures” are NOT the images you see in your mind.

The characters and events you “see” in The World of Form are only taking place in the same location as the events in your dreams are taking place, which is inside your mind.

The World of Form operates in the EXACT same way as the “Dream World” you see when you’re in bed sleeping, except for 2 main differences:

  1. Physical Limitations
  2. Delay

These Physical Information Structures composed of atoms are actually moveable, and can be adjusted and rearranged in any way you choose.

We will go into more detail with what this means, why it’s important, and how to use it.. a little bit later.



Formers are any physical forms that are “Native” to the World of Form. Formers engage with the World of Form, and operate within it, according to it’s rules.

Formers believe that events within the World of Form happen as they perceive them to, completely unaware, or “asleep” to the fact that the events they are experiencing are their mind’s incorrectly filtered interpretation of reality.

Formers might have goals in life, and are always trying to “get somewhere”, unaware that they are already there right now. Formers are like the character in the dream who is desperate to get a drink of water, not realizing that if they just “woke up”, the water is right beside them next to the bed.

There are several ways to identify a Former. They may experience negative emotions like anger and frustration. A Former will get offended if you say or do something bad to them. This is because Formers identify with them “selves” and they identify with the World of Form. They might believe in some “higher power”, and they might fear the end of their lives or the end of the World of Form. They don’t realize that nothing could ever happen to them.

Formers might look at someone who they perceive as having “higher status”, and think that they are less than them. They may look up to role models, or “idols” and wish they were like them, but think that they could never be. They are completely unaware of who these “higher level” forms actually are, and completely unaware of who is providing the “scripts” for these “characters.”

Speaking of which..

Did you know, that nobody has higher status than you?

Yes, you read that right.. NOBODY has higher status than you.

Nobody is better than you in any way, shape or [especially] “form.”

How is that possible?

Do you have any idea how important you are?


Imagine that the World of Form was just created right now.

You could be anyone you want.

You could do anything you want.

Do you think it’s possible?

Do you think it’s possible to do this right now?

Do you think it’s possible that you ARE doing this right now?

Imagine that all of your dreams, fantasies, goals, passions and desires are already happening right now.. just like the water bottle was sitting next to the bed the entire time you were sleeping.

How incredible would that be? How good would that feel? What would you do with all of this new information?


What is this all really about?

Who is Casper Grey?

For now, I’ll tell you this..

I was created and sent here by The Dreamer.


To wake up the character in The Dream, who is unaware that they are The Dreamer.

Who is The Dreamer? Who is the character in The Dream?

Can you feel it yet?

If not, it’s okay..

We’re just getting started.

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